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Raul J. Rodriguez, MD

Raul J. Rodriguez, MD


For over twenty years, Dr. Raul Rodriguez has been providing advanced psychiatric and clinical services to the greater Palm Beach and Broward area. Dr. Rodriguez specializes in treating difficult and complex mental health conditions, including treatment-resistant depression & anxiety, mood disorders, eating disorders, and addiction. At the start of his medical career, it became clear to Dr. Rodriguez that conventional psychiatry was insufficient for many who suffered from mental illness. Dr. Rodriguez’s solution was to develop his own innovative approach to the treatment of mental illness that focused on treating the person holistically. The program he created provides wrap-around clinical services to a degree not traditionally found in other behavioral health programs. Services provided by Dr. Rodriguez include TMS therapy, DBT, partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programming for primary mental health.

Dr. Rodriguez has focused his career on being a progressive force in the field of psychiatry, by always adding new evidence-based treatments to his outpatient mental health center. Dr. Rodriguez began his career in psychiatry as Chief Resident at the University of Miami-Jackson Memorial Hospital. With degrees in both medicine and chemistry, Dr. Rodriguez understands the complex interaction between psychotropic medications and the delicate equilibrium of the human body. Dr. Rodriguez is also a strong proponent of utilizing effective, cutting-edge treatments in combination with standard psychiatry and psychopharmacology. Individualized treatment plans created by Dr. Rodriguez will include newer clinical practices like deep transcranial magnetic stimulation (deep TMS or dTMS) therapy, acupuncture, nutrition and exercise.

The comprehensive outpatient care available with Dr Rodriguez reflects his belief that effective treatment must be holistic and well-rounded, treating mind, body, and spirit. The commitment to comprehensive wellness is fundamental in Dr. Rodriguez’s approach when meeting with new patients. As a Diplomate on both the American Board of Psychiatry & Neurology, and the American Board of Addiction Medicine, Dr. Rodriguez remains on the forefront of psychiatric care, always educated in new medications to help treat conditions like depression and substance use disorder on an outpatient basis.

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