Therapeutic IV Infusions for Depression

Ketamine Infusions for Depression

Almost 50% of individuals diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder can be described as non-responsive to conventional depression treatments, such as talk therapy or psychotropic medications. Depression that does not respond to SSRIs or other antidepressant medication is referred to as treatment-resistant depression (TRD) and can be a crippling condition for those who suffer from it. For these people, the recent development of specialized protocols using Ketamine have offered a new path to wellness and functionality

Therapeutic IV Infusions for Depression

Ketamine is a powerful medication originally developed in the 1960s as a form of anesthesia. In recent years, numerous clinical trials have demonstrated that relatively small doses of the drug can yield a powerful antidepressant effect when administered in a strictly controlled environment under the supervision of a medical doctor. For individuals who have been evaluated and meet the criteria of having treatment-resistant depression, calculated, sub-anesthetic levels of Ketamine are administered intravenously in an infusion that can have an immediate effect on mood. Multiple infusions of Ketamine produce a long-term improvement of depression symptoms, in some cases leading to a complete remission of major depression.

RMOKI: Rodriguez Method of Ketamine Infusion

At the offices of Raul J. Rodriguez, MD, Dr. Rodriguez has been providing Ketamine infusion therapy for treatment-resistant depression for over five years. Dr. Rodriguez has personally overseen hundreds of Ketamine treatments with an overall success rate of around ninety percent. Recently, Dr. Rodriguez has developed a unique protocol for Ketamine therapy designed for the most severe cases of chronic depression. The Rodriguez Method of Ketamine Infusion (RMOKI) is a combination IV Ketamine infusion combined with a simultaneous subcutaneous Ketamine infusion. The dual infusions provide a synergistic effect that strengthens the overall antidepressant effect of the medication while also extending the duration of each infusion. Individuals receiving RMOKI treatments often feel a positive lasting effect for four-six weeks after each infusion.

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