Some Benefits of Outpatient Mental Health Treatment

There are a couple of different methods for getting help for mental health issues. Some people, when they think about mental health treatment, picture facilities in which people live while they get the help they need. This is called residential treatment. Other people may think of going to a specific location to speak with medical professionals about their needs and go home when they’ve utilized the services they need. This is known as outpatient treatment. Regardless of the type of mental health issue, you’re facing, it pays to understand the differences between residential and outpatient mental health treatment. And, if you’re considering outpatient treatment as your choice, know what the advantages of choosing this type of treatment may come with.

Raul J. Rodriguez, MD offers outpatient mental health services in Delray Beach, South Florida. Find out if this type of treatment is right for you by considering who is a good candidate for outpatient mental health treatment and the benefits of this type of treatment.

Who Should Consider Outpatient Mental Health Treatment?

Not everyone may be best suited for outpatient mental health treatment services. For example, people who require round-the-clock care should consider residential treatment services. This way, they can be monitored and guided every hour of the day to ensure their safety. But, in many cases, people who choose residential care out of misinformation or pressure may have been better suited for outpatient treatment. Some characteristics of people who may be good candidates for outpatient mental health treatment services include people who are:

  • willing to change their lifestyle by implementing newly learned skills
  • open to engaging in group therapies and educational seminars
  • finding it difficult to attend to personal responsibilities
  • using addictive substances to handle negative thoughts or emotions
  • not portraying suicidal or homicidal behaviors
  • motivated to change by using available services through treatment
  • open to expressing how they feel and think to others

What Exactly is Outpatient Treatment – What to Expect

Outpatient mental health treatment services require a commitment to going to a mental health facility a number of times per week. The time a person spends in treatment may differ from person to person depending on the severity of needs and experienced mental health symptoms. Individuals who choose this type of treatment can expect to participate in educational sessions, group therapy, individual therapy, and psychological assessments. Furthermore, some individuals may be prescribed psychiatric medications in order to help to manage mental health symptoms or cravings/withdrawal due to substance abuse.

Exploring the Benefits of Outpatient Mental Health Treatment

So, why do people choose outpatient mental health treatment services? It’s because outpatient mental health treatment comes with a number of benefits including:

Scheduling and Versatility: One of the most alluring benefits of this type of treatment is that it allows people to get the help they need without uprooting their entire lives. Residential treatment means that people have to leave their family, friends, schooling, and work to get mental health care. But, outpatient treatment can be utilized in a way that ensures that a person can be around for personal responsibilities.

Group Settings: Outpatient treatment often involves a number of ways to get peer support through group therapy and educational sessions. This provides individuals with a chance to practice coping techniques, relationship building, boundary-setting, and more with people who can understand their issues and support their recovery.

Affordability: Residential treatment can cost well into the thousands. Outpatient therapy is more likely to be accepted by insurance providers. And, even when paid for out-of-pocket, is much more affordable than residential treatment as it doesn’t require patients to stay on-site or to charge for fees like housing, utilities, food, and more.

Dr. Raul J. Rodriguez

Dr. Raul Rodriguez


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