What’s the Importance of Clinical Family Therapy?

Relationship issues, mental health disorders, substance abuse, and any other issues that a family can encounter can put the supportive atmosphere required of healing at risk. Clinical family therapy can help family members being subjected to these issues understand what it takes to heal. And, provide them with both information and resources necessary to engage as a supportive unit, helping to aid the individual or individuals in treatment for mental health issues, addiction, or relationship issues as they work towards getting the help they need.

So, if you’re wondering if family therapy is important, it certainly is! Find out if your family could benefit from this critical resource during a time of need.

What’s Family Therapy?

Family therapy can help families going through crises and other issues to maintain a healthy support system as a unit. During family therapy, individual family members and the family as a whole can work toward identifying and addressing issues that are harming this support system. And, develop ways to mend and cope with these issues, for example, learning how to offer encouragement, utilize healthy boundaries, and eliminate enabling behaviors.

Family therapy is typically a group-type therapy that involves one counselor and the family unit during sessions. The counselor works to guide sessions so that they stay on topic, work towards family goals, and remain effective in reaching these goals. Family therapy sessions may look different to each family unit as they can include couples therapy, intimate family, and even extended family (stepchildren, grandparents, etc.). So, no matter what your family looks like, and whether it’s small or large, family therapy can be helpful for any type of family unit.

The Benefits of Using Family Therapy

The goal of every family therapy session is to help families remain positive, improve communication, and overcome issues. Sometimes, without outside help through family therapy, families may not have the information, coping techniques, and available outlets in order to address and overcome problems. Therefore, these issues can lead to divorce, family disputes, and estrangement. When families choose to utilize therapy, they can expect to take advantage of a number of benefits that they would not have access to without therapy.

Family Therapy Can Help to Improve Bonding and Conflict Resolution

Do you wish that your family was closer? Family therapy can help with bonding as it allows family members to divulge their emotions and explain how they feel. Thus, making families feel closer to one another and build trust. Furthermore, therapy sessions can also uncover things that can maintain bonding including activities the family can do outside of therapy sessions, and provide information on other ways the family can bond and establish trust.

Family Therapy Can Help Families Learn More About Mental Health and Support

Many families may seek help through family therapy due to one or more family members being diagnosed with mental health issues that require treatment. During family therapy sessions, families can learn about the importance of giving support to these individuals during treatment and recovery. And, furthermore, educate themselves on these mental health issues so they can give the best support they can for their family member or members dealing with these issues. This way, families in these situations can be a source of encouragement and support in these crucial times, whether they’re dealing with addiction, eating disorders, or other types of mental health issues.

Family Therapy Can Help Families Better Communicate

Communication is imperative for a healthy and well-balanced family unit. Sometimes, issues within family systems stem from not understanding how to communicate in healthy ways. During family therapy sessions, therapists can help family members understand when they’re not communicating their needs or in healthy ways and to develop learning how to communicate when necessary using beneficial methods. This allows for families to better understand each other, the needs of each family member, and how to make decisions that benefit the entire family unit.

See What Family Therapy Can do for Your Family

Want your family to experience the benefits of family therapy? Find a counselor to work with you and your family to better bond, communicate, and overcome issues that your family faces. Our Boca Raton facility offers family therapy sessions on an outpatient basis in order for families of all needs to get the help they require. Find out more about our outpatient group therapy services today.

Dr. Raul J. Rodriguez

Dr. Raul Rodriguez


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