What to Expect When Getting a Ketamine Infusion for Depression

Are you or a loved one dealing with symptoms of depression that don’t seem to go away even with the use of traditional treatments like individual therapy or prescribed psychiatric medications? Ketamine infusion therapy for depression is gaining popularity in the mental health realm as it is showing great promise for people living with treatment-resistant depression. It’s a non-invasive treatment that provides long-term depression symptom relief in just a few sessions. So, it’s a great option for people who haven’t been able to find relief with alternative treatment options. But, what can one expect from the process of getting help with ketamine infusion therapy? Find out more about this life-changing treatment in order to determine whether you may be a good candidate for it and if you’re willing to take the first step to get help from this type of therapy.

First Thing’s First – Your Ketamine Infusion Consultation

Before you can jump right into getting help with the use of ketamine infusion therapy, you will need to speak with a mental health specialist about your need for the therapy. During the initial consultation, you’ll speak with a psychiatrist in order to discuss your medical history, symptoms of treatment-resistant depression, and treatments you’ve already tried or are currently using. This way, you can be ruled a desired candidate for this type of therapy and identify how ketamine infusions can benefit your treatment regimen. Furthermore, during the initial consultation, you’ll speak with your mental health specialist about a treatment plan for the use of ketamine infusions moving forward. For example, how many sessions you can expect to utilize and when to expect these sessions to take place.

During your initial consultation, you can bring up any worries or concerns you may have about ketamine infusion therapy for depression. This way, you feel confident that you’re making the best choice for your treatment. And, feel better prepared to get started with your first session.

What to Expect During Sessions

During the administration of ketamine infusions, you can expect a session to last up to 60 minutes. This is how long it typically takes for the IV drip to be completely absorbed into the bloodstream. Typically, throughout ketamine infusions for depression, patients sit back and relax while the ketamine infusion is being administered. You’ll be placed in a relaxing room in a comfortable chair and the IV process will only take a few moments. After the initial IV prick, there is no pain and treatments are an enjoyable process. You won’t lose consciousness, but you may feel the compound enter your body as it offers a relaxing and comforting feeling. So, you can expect sessions to provide an initial sense of comfort immediately, rather than waiting weeks or even months like traditional prescription mood regulation medications.

What to Expect After Sessions

Once the ketamine compound is completely administered, the IV will be removed. You will then talk with our ketamine infusion specialists about how you feel in order to make sure you’re feeling okay. Patients may feel different after sessions, but typical reactions include feeling refreshed or tired. Due to the fact that ketamine is highest in the system right after a session, it’s best to have someone drive you home after sessions or to utilize a ridesharing service.

Dr. Raul J. Rodriguez

Dr. Raul Rodriguez


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