Can Therapy for Couples Help Your Relationship?

Therapy for couples is something that many may not think is suited for them because they’re content and happy in their relationships. But, couples therapy isn’t something that only people with relationship issues can benefit from. No intimate relationship is perfect – and there is always room for improvement. Especially when one or both of the people within an intimate relationship is facing the acceptance or management of newly diagnosed mental health issues. There are some things that can help people pinpoint whether or not therapy for couples may be right for their relationships. Identifying these factors and finding a couples therapist can assist relationships in order to overcome obstacles, identify and manage conflicts, set up healthy boundaries and communication techniques, and deal with mental health issues present in the relationship.

What Good Comes From Utilizing Therapy for Couples?

As stated, even people who feel that their relationships are unbreakable can benefit from couples therapy. That’s because every relationship has its ups and downs and every relationship will have to withstand the negative aspects of life at some point. Even the strongest people need help sometimes.

There are many benefits to couples therapy, whether a couple thinks they need to utilize this type of therapy or not. These benefits can include:

  • Learning to accept one another as equals and with respect
  • Improving support between partners
  • Building up resilience within the relationship
  • Improving strength emotionally
  • Learning about and practicing healthy communication
  • Identifying where relationship issues stem from
  • Working to learn and utilize healthy conflict resolution techniques
  • Understanding and reducing codependency issues
  • Working to restore trust and respect
  • Improving overall understanding for partners in an intimate relationship
  • Offering a safe and inviting environment to discover and address relationship issues

Identifying Needs for Couples Therapy – Can You Benefit?

Sure, any couple can benefit from talking to a therapist about their issues, identifying the root of these issues, and learning about and utilizing helpful techniques as far as communication and conflict resolution. But, identifying whether or not your relationship needs work can be a challenge. Most people want to believe that their relationship is impenetrable. But, the truth is that every relationship involves humans who aren’t perfect. And, throughout time, every relationship comes across hardship or a battle that wasn’t planned. So, it’s important to identify when a relationship is in crisis or could use help from couples therapy professionals.

Some signs that a relationship may benefit from couple therapy sessions may include:

You or Your Loved One Has Recently Been Diagnosed With a Health Issue

Both mental and physical health issues are hard on all people in a relationship. Dealing with the newness of a diagnosis can be a big challenge with acceptance. And, learning about and accepting various treatments in order to manage health issues can also be demanding and frustrating. Using a couple’s therapist can give individuals in relationships the guided and supportive environment needed to address new mental or physical health diagnoses, learn how to talk about difficult health topics in helpful ways, accept diagnoses, provide support, and much more.

Your Relationship is Experiencing Unhelpful Fighting

Arguments can actually be a good thing in a relationship when progression is a result. But, when arguments over the same thing happen over and over again without any resolution, this means a couple’s arguments aren’t healthy as there isn’t ever any resolution. If you find that you and your partner are arguing more than usual, are having trouble understanding one another’s point of view during an argument, or never completely resolve the issues regarding arguments, couples therapy sessions may help. Couples therapy helps both individuals understand where the other partner is coming from, allows for better methods of communication, and offers an outside perspective of what the issues may be and how to resolve them.

Your Relationship is Experiencing Changes

Big life events and changes can be a struggle for relationships. This can include a new baby, moving to another area of the country or world, losing a loved one, having children grow up and move out, and much more. Even long and healthy relationships can be negatively affected by changes. But, a couples therapist can help individuals within relationships to overcome these changes, accept their new lives, and move forward.

Dr. Raul J. Rodriguez

Dr. Raul Rodriguez


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