Treatment-Resistant Depression

Hope for Treatment-Resistant Depression

Half of patients diagnosed with depression will be labeled “non-responsive” during some point in their lives. Non-responsive, or treatment-resistant, depression is a condition that does not get better when treated with standard antidepressant medication and/or talk therapy. Individuals with Treatment-Resistant Major Depression (TRMD) struggle for years, sometimes decades with uncontrolled depressive symptoms. These symptoms of depression typically increase over time if not properly treated. For those with major & clinical depression, their situation can seem hopeless.

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Recent breakthroughs in depression treatment have made it possible to treat severe, chronic depression exclusively on an outpatient basis. At Raul J. Rodriguez, MD & Associates, founder and medical director Dr. Raul J. Rodriguez and his team have been successfully treating the worst cases of Treatment-Resistant Depression for years. At our Boca Raton psychiatric center, Dr. Rodriguez’s multidisciplinary team includes both psychiatrists and therapists specializing in depression treatment. Our team of depression specialists have served the Boca Raton area since 2003, and provide a unique form of therapy for depression not available anywhere else in South Florida.

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In order to effectively treat major depression and other mood disorders, Dr. Rodriguez and his team of psychiatric doctors and mental health counselors employ the latest, evidence-based treatment approaches. Every patient receives their own individualized treatment plan that combines multiple depression therapies in a holistic approach to mental health treatment. By combining expert diagnosis, individual & group therapy, holistic services, and cutting-edge medical treatments, Dr. Rodriguez and his team have been able to successfully correct even the worst cases of depression.

Advanced psychiatry & psychopharmacology, mental health counseling for depression, therapeutic IV infusions for depression, and deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Therapy – All of these approaches are at the disposal of our patients

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