What is Family Therapy and What are its Benefits?

Families are very important because they offer the structural support necessary to overcome challenges in every aspect of life. Communication and boundary issues are some of the most common challenges that family units face which can make it difficult for members of a family to deal with mental and physical health issues. During family therapy, families can work on a number of issues they face in order to identify what they can do to improve the family structure and support. But, what is family therapy, what are the goals that are set during family therapy, and what are the benefits of using family therapy?

What is Family Therapy?

So, what is family therapy and what can you expect from family therapy sessions? Family therapy is talk therapy that includes a family unit or a couple that is guided by a licensed psychotherapist. These sessions are developed in order to help a family overcome specific obstacles they are facing. So, it’s important that every person in the family who is impacted by these crises be available and willing to participate in these sessions. The difference between family therapy and individualized psychotherapy sessions is that the structure of family therapy sessions differs in order to identify and work on specific issues a family unit is facing.

Family therapy isn’t about pointing out singular individuals in a family and putting the blame on them. Rather, it’s about identifying and modifying unhealthy behavioral patterns so that the whole family unit can function in a more healthy manner. When the entire family unit can come together to adjust behaviors, the family unit becomes stronger and more able to take on the crucial role of support certain family members may need throughout mental health treatment. Some of the behavioral patterns that family therapy can address include boundary-setting and communication issues.

What are the Goals?

Setting goals is crucial to any type of therapy. This way, therapy sessions have a structured system that allows for trackable growth. Some of the goals of family therapy sessions may include:

  • learning and practicing healthy boundary setting
  • proving healthier methods for solving conflicts
  • helping to gain a better understanding
  • learning what to do when conflict occurs
  • establishing healthier means of communication

What are the Benefits?

There are a number of reasons why a family may look to therapy. This is because family therapy can help family units to overcome obstacles and better manage the inner relationships between family members. One of the most important benefits of family therapy is that it can help in a number of situations including:

  • when the family unit has experienced a traumatic event
  • if a family member is diagnosed with a mental health illness, for example, substance use disorder, depression, anxiety, etc.
  • separation or divorce
  • if a child is having challenges in social/school settings including bullying, learning disabilities, peer pressure, etc.
  • abuse
  • conflicts that arise due to communication issues

Getting Help Through Family Therapy at Psychiatrist Boca Raton

If you find your family going through a crisis, reaching out to a mental health treatment facility can help provide you and your family with a structured treatment program. Psychiatrist Boca Raton offers family therapy sessions for patients in our care. Find out more about our mental health treatment services available on an outpatient basis from our website.

Dr. Raul J. Rodriguez

Dr. Raul Rodriguez


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