What is Telepsychiatry and What Are Its Benefits?

If you’re looking for an alternative to going in person to receive mental health help, you may be wondering, “what is telepsychiatry?”. Telepsychiatry is when psychiatric services are available through applications on the internet – mainly, teletherapy using video conferencing tools. Teletherapy can be utilized on any device you have internet access like your smartphone device, tablet, desktop computer, or laptop. This provides people who would otherwise not get the assistance they need to have access to mental health help. So, it’s becoming more popular and commonly utilized throughout the world – specifically, as the global pandemic has limited face-to-face interactions. There are many benefits of choosing telepsychiatry services for mental health care needs. Some of these benefits include:

It’s a Convenient Way to Provide Mental Health Care for Everyone

Telepsychiatry makes getting mental health care more convenient for both patients who need care and also therapists or licensed mental health practitioners. Rather than having to find and access transportation to and from mental health care facilities, telepsychiatry doesn’t require any type of transportation. Patients can speak with their mental health care providers without having to leave their own homes. Furthermore, as it cuts waiting times, telepsychiatry can make providing mental health care for therapists and mental health care professionals more convenient as well. Thus, allowing practitioners greater availability to help a greater number of clients or give more time to clients who need it most. So, if you’re looking for an easier or more convenient way to access mental health help, telepsychiatry may be right for you.

It Can be a More Comfortable Way to Get Mental Health Help

Some people, especially those who may not have had experience with therapy in the past, may feel more comfortable utilizing teletherapy rather than traditional, in-person therapy. Some people may not feel comfortable in a new environment and starting therapy in general. But, using telepsychiatry means not having to leave the comfort of one’s own home. So, many believe this is the most comfortable way to utilize therapy resources in order to get help for mental health issues.

It Makes Getting Therapy for Mental Health More Accessible

Many people living with mental health issues may not have access to driving a car, paying for ride-sharing services, or other means to get to and from therapy sessions at a mental health facility. But, telepsychiatry doesn’t require any transportation – so, it’s a more accessible means of getting help through therapy for mental health issues. Making therapy more accessible for people is important so that more people can get the help they need to manage symptoms of mental health issues.

Telepsychiatry Helps to Overcome Stigmas of Getting Mental Health Care

Stigmas surrounding mental health care can keep people from getting life-saving care. But, using telepsychiatry can help people overcome the stigmas of getting help for mental health issues as people can utilize these services from home – keeping others from ever even knowing that they are getting help. So, if you’re worried about how others may feel or think about you getting mental health help due to mental health stigmas, telepsychiatry may be the service you may need to overcome these negative and impacting stigmas.

Using Telepsychiatry Services at Delray Center

Looking for telepsychiatry services in South Florida? Delray Center offers telepsychiatry and teletherapy services for people who may benefit from these services. Find out more about our outpatient mental health treatment services from our website and reach out for help today.

Dr. Raul J. Rodriguez

Dr. Raul Rodriguez


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